1/10 Touring 30120 RC10TC7 Team Associated TC7 Team Factory 4WD Touring Car 1/10 OnRoad
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30120 RC10TC7 Team Associated TC7 Team Factory 4WD Touring Car 1/10 OnRoad

30120 RC10TC7 Team Associated TC7 Team Factory 4WD Touring Car 1/10 OnRoad
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30120 RC10TC7 Team Associated TC7 Team Factory 4WD Touring Car 1/10 OnRoad

Feature Details

Updated suspension geometry
  • Carbon composite material used for the best combination of strength at minimized mass
  • Optimized suspension arm length and shock mounting positions
  • Pivot ball on inner hinge pin allows free pin movement at any toe or kickup angle
  • Insert system for precise adjustment of toe and inner pin width
  • Independent arm mount design to allow maximum flex through entire chassis length, resulting in better grip on all track conditions
FOX shocks with Genuine Kashima® Coat
  • Ultra-smooth Kashima® Hard Coating for minimal friction and extended wear
  • Hard-coated shock shafts with polished finish
  • Machined piston and bushing sets for the most precise build
  • Updated bladder profile for consistent performance
New one-piece motor mount
  • Central mounting to allow free chassis flex in either direction
  • One-piece design ensures proper spur/pinion gear alignment
  • Floating spur helps to center flex point of top plate giving better overall traction
Updated drive belts
  • Optimized length for better on-power steering
  • Softer material for a more efficient drive-train
Updated dual bellcrank steering system
  • Low profile mounting for an overall lower center of mass
  • Optimized Ackermann and steering rates
  • Horizontal ballstuds for fine Ackermann adjustments
  • 8 precision bearings for accurate swing motion
Floating servo mount
  • Servo mounts to chassis center to allow equal chassis flex in both directions and a tweak-free assembly
  • Mount ties to steering bellcrank posts for stable servo positioning
  • Slotted servo mount design allows fit for almost any servo size
Narrow chassis with optimized flex characteristics
  • 2.25mm graphite laminate for optimized flex characteristics
  • A narrow 88mm wide to minimize chassis dragging at maximum chassis roll angles
  • Chassis ballast mass mounting locations to fine-tune mass balance
Vertical ball stud bearing caps
  • Optimized position for inner ball stud
  • Vertical ballstud orientation allows for fine adjustments of roll center height
  • 3 link position options give precise control of camber gain
Rear gear diff for maximum performance and minimal maintenance
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable composite construction
  • Optimized for a wide "tuning window" to maximize useable adjustability
  • Hard-anodized aluminum outdrives for low wear and long life
Front spool with replaceable composite outdrives
  • Outdrives allow the use of existing CVA bone blades to minimize binding at the bearing surface
  • Composite outdrives are replaceable at low cost in the event of a CVA bone blade failure

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