GT171 GTPower X2Mini LiPo 1-4s 100W AC



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GT171 GTPower X2Mini LiPo 1-4s 100W AC 


Small, handy and doubly powerful. The X2 Mini charger offers two connections for fast charging a wide variety of batteries. Thanks to these dual circuits, two batteries can be charged independently and simultaneously of each other - regardless of whether it is a LiPo, NiMH or Pb battery. With the powerful 100W circuit per channel, up to 4S (lithium batteries) and 8 cells (nickel batteries) can be connected to the X2 Mini charger.

Easy to use and great for on the go, this charger is the perfect companion to quickly recharge your batteries.


Optimized operating software
Clear and easy to understand operation
Incl. quick charge and save function
Various automatic shutdown programs
Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: AC: 100-240V
DC: 19-26V
Charge Current: 0.1-10.0A (per channel)
Charge Power: AC: max. 100W
DC: max. 100W (per channel)
Balance Current: 500mAh/cell
Cells: LiXX 1-4 cells
Cells: NiXX 1-8 cells
Pb-Battery Voltage: 2-14V
Weight: 554g
Dimensions: 137.5x141.5x55.5mm

- X2 Mini-Charger
- Power cable
- Manual