SK600064-08 SkyRC Tire Warmer Racing Star with 1/8 warming belt



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SK600064-08 SkyRC Tire Warmer Racing Star with 1/8 warming belt 


With the flexible warming belts, this improved tire warmer set is the ideal addition to any RC garage. The heat generated by the device is distributed very evenly to the tires thanks to the coated cover and at the same time prevents heat loss. The preheating of the tire surface increases the coefficient of friction of the rubber and in this way improves the grip on the road surface. This is what a smooth and smooth ride feels like!

With various heating programs and simple operation using a joystick, your tires are always well prepared because you can never have enough grip.


Removable warming belts for optimal heating of Your tires (up to 110mm)
Simple operation via LCD display
4 LEDs for status display (red: heating, green: set temperature reached)
Dual Power Source: 4S LiPo battery pack or 12V-18V DC power supply
Front & rear temperature can be set individually
Temperature monitoring via microprocessor
Different heating modes (rapid and step heating)
Celsius & Fahrenheit adjustable
Safety timer
Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage: 12V - 18V or 4s LiPo
Temperature Range: 20°C - 80°C, 100°C
68°F - 176°F, 212°F
Dimensions (warming belts): 436x88mm
Weight: 440g
Dimensions: 92x111.4x50mm


1x Tire warmer controller
1x Front tire warmers
1x Rear tire warmers
1x DC input cable
1x Manual