E72-BU02100 Alpha Frizione completa 4 ceppi massette Ergal + molle (h-m-s)

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 E72-BU02100 Alpha Frizione completa 4 ceppi massette Ergal + molle (h-m-s)


The aluminum alloy 4 shoe clutch set is specifically developed for competition racing by Alpha.

It has several patented designs and comes with these three main features:

  • Faster set up and maintenance
  • Better durability
  • Long-life usage


The clutch shoes have been made with a special aluminium alloy material. The special aluminium will enable the engine to have perfect friction coefficient between the clutch bell and clutch which brings powerful, long-life and abrasion resistance when in low speed and when in medium to high speed, only the minimum power losses are experienced, which will help the engine power be fully delivered.

With the three different spring types; Hard, Medium and Soft, and when additionally tuned with the clutch shoe cover pin options of High and Low, 30 various settings are available to match different track conditions and driving requirements.

To have an instant explosive power and smooth gradual speed, the factory setting is 2 hard springs and 2 medium spring with each spring type set opposite to each other, and with the clutch shoe cover pin set in high. This set up will allow the car to be more stable and is suitable for a high traction track.